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Winning Powerball Numbers: Unveiling the Fortunes of December 27, 2023


The excitement surrounding the Powerball jackpot is unparalleled, and on Wednesday, December 27, 2023, it reached an astonishing $685 million. While the jackpot remained elusive, hope was not lost as numerous winners emerged in Northeast Ohio. Let’s delve into the winning numbers and explore the fortunes that unfolded.

The Winning Numbers

1. The Jackpot Numbers

The magic numbers drawn on that fateful Wednesday night were 4, 11, 38, 51, 68, with the Powerball number 5. Despite the jackpot remaining unclaimed, these numbers paved the way for a cascade of winners in Ohio.

2. Buckeye State Triumphs

Ohioans experienced a windfall, with winners spanning various prize categories:

  • $50,000 Prize: A single fortunate individual claimed this substantial prize.
  • $300 Prize: A total of 35 winners secured this noteworthy sum.
  • $100 Prize: A remarkable 76 participants walked away with a $100 prize.
  • $21 Prize: An impressive 1,127 winners celebrated their luck with a $21 prize.
  • $12 Prize: A staggering 14,455 individuals secured a $12 prize.
  • $7 Prize: 2,852 winners pocketed a $7 prize.
  • $4 Prize: The largest group of winners, with 34,940 participants, received a $4 prize.

The Unclaimed Jackpot and the Growing Fortune

Despite the unclaimed jackpot, the Powerball excitement doesn’t end here. The jackpot now stands at an estimated $760 million for the next drawing scheduled for Saturday, December 30, at 10:59 p.m. This enticing prize comes with a cash option worth $382.5 million.

Unraveling the Odds

Powerball lottery officials emphasize the sheer challenge of hitting the jackpot, with odds calculated at one in 292,201,338.00. Interestingly, these odds are slightly more favorable than Mega Millions, where the chances are one in 302,575,350. The quest for a $1 million winning ticket in Powerball is no easy feat, with odds set at one in 11,688,053.52.

Northeast Ohio’s History of Jackpot Triumphs

This recent Powerball draw isn’t the first time Ohioans have tasted victory. In April 2023, a ticket sold in Macedonia hit the jackpot, reaping a whopping $252.6 million. The state has witnessed several significant wins throughout 2023, creating a buzz of anticipation among lottery enthusiasts.

Notable 2023 Winners

  • December 16 in Powerball: A $150,000 prize was claimed in Mentor.
  • November 14 in Mega Millions: A $4 million winning ticket found its home in Swanton.
  • October 10 in Powerball: Medina celebrated a $1 million winning ticket.
  • October 9 in Classic Lotto: Parma Heights saw a $5.5 million winning ticket.
  • October 7 in Powerball: Curtice added to the joy with a $1 million winning ticket.
  • July 19 in Powerball: Xenia witnessed a $1 million winning ticket.
  • July 18 in Mega Millions: Brook Park experienced a $1 million winning ticket.
  • June 14 in Powerball: Fairfield celebrated a $1 million winning ticket.
  • June 9 in Mega Millions: Moraine joined the list with a $1 million winning ticket.
  • May 31 in Powerball: New Albany boasted a $1 million prize-winning ticket.
  • April 27 in Make My Year scratch-off game: Alliance witnessed a winning ticket worth $2.5 million.
  • April 26 drawing in Lucky For Life: Hubbard celebrated a second-tier prize of $25,000 per year for life.
  • April 19 drawing in Powerball: Summit County clinched the jackpot worth $252.6 million.
  • April 18 drawing in Mega Millions: Berea secured a $1 million prize.
  • March 13 drawing in Powerball: Southern Ohio celebrated a $2 million-winning ticket.
  • January 10 drawing in Mega Millions: Two $1 million winning tickets found homes in Ohio.
  • January 7 drawing in Powerball: Vermilion reveled in a winning ticket worth $2 million.

Reflecting on 2022’s Fortunes

The preceding year, 2022, also witnessed Ohioans claiming substantial prizes in various draws. These included million-dollar wins in Mega Millions, Powerball, Classic Lotto, Lucky For Life, and Rolling Cash 5.


In the world of Powerball, fortune favors the daring, and Ohioans have consistently proven their luck. As we eagerly await the next drawing, the question remains — could the next millionaire be you? The allure of Powerball is undeniably strong, and the tales of winners from Ohio only add to its mystique.


  1. What are the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot? The odds of hitting the Powerball jackpot are one in 292,201,338.00, slightly better than Mega Millions.
  2. How much is the estimated jackpot for the next Powerball drawing? The jackpot is estimated at a staggering $760 million, with a cash option worth $382.5 million.
  3. What was the largest prize in the recent Powerball drawing? Although the jackpot went unclaimed, various winners secured prizes, with the largest being $50,000.
  4. Has Ohio had big lottery winners in the past? Absolutely! Ohio has seen numerous big winners, including a jackpot worth $252.6 million in April 2023.
  5. When is the next Powerball drawing? The next Powerball drawing is set for Saturday, December 30, at 10:59 p.m.

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