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Number 9th ranked University of Southern California USC Arizona maintains its unblemished record, triumphing over Arizona in a thrilling triple-overtime showdown.

USC Arizona

The potential causes for USC’s potential loss in their inaugural game of the season versus Arizona on Saturday night were abundant, encompassing both familiar and unique factors. These included a sluggish commencement, an offense led by Caleb Williams, whose ground game outshone his aerial performance, an erratic defense, questionable time management, and even a mishandled field goal attempt that could have secured victory during regulation play, but ultimately did not. Virtually everything seemed to go awry.

Nonetheless, in a remarkable turn of events, Caleb Williams materialized in the third overtime period. With a stutter step, he eluded a Wildcats defender, creating just enough space to slip into the end zone, securing the lead for USC. Arizona could not counter, allowing USC to maintain its unblemished record with a 43-41 triumph. Following the victory, the reigning Heisman Trophy recipient felt compelled to express his thoughts on a pressing issue: the Trojans’ defense.

USC Arizona
Number 9th ranked University of Southern California USC maintains its unblemished record, triumphing over Arizona in a thrilling triple-overtime showdown./ (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Williams asserted, “We would not have emerged victorious without the defense,” spontaneously addressing a question initially directed toward Riley. He continued, “We were trailing 17-0. When it comes to our defense, our comrades, the final score of 43-41 would not have been attainable without their contributions. It’s as simple as that.”

Riley concurred, emphasizing that a pivotal interception by Jacobe Covington during the first half had shifted the momentum, while a game-deciding tackle for a loss on Arizona’s two-point conversion attempt had sealed the deal. Riley remarked, “When you find yourselves trailing 17-0, your internal fortitude is put to the test. Our defense is what rejuvenated us.”

Both Williams and Riley, as well as the entire team, acknowledged the prevalent narrative that has been substantiated by statistical data and visual assessment: USC’s defense poses a challenge if the Trojans aspire to contend for championship titles at the season’s culmination.

On Saturday, when on the brink of an upset, USC’s defense managed to do just enough to keep the Trojans afloat on a night when Williams could only muster 219 passing yards. Undoubtedly, the Heisman recipient still managed to become the linchpin of the game, utilizing his agility to reach the end zone on three separate occasions, including the game-winning play.

While numerous vulnerabilities in USC’s performance were on full display, Riley commended the team’s resilience in mounting a comeback.
In contrast to previous games where USC’s high-octane offense, led by Williams, often mitigated the defense’s inconsistency, this contest unfolded differently. Throughout the game, the Wildcats made it arduous for Williams to locate open receivers in space, effectively neutralizing his passing and scrambling advantages, thereby transforming him into a ball carrier.

“Lanes kept appearing, their defensive players kept disengaging, and I was left with expansive avenues to exploit,” Williams said. Personally, I have refrained from running this season. Frankly, I am not particularly inclined toward running, but one must adapt and do whatever it takes to secure victory.”

Williams also iterated multiple times that opposing teams eagerly anticipate facing USC, marking these matchups on their calendars, knowing they must deliver their best performances from the outset to have a fighting chance.

Riley, on his part, acknowledged the imperative for improvement while savoring USC’s ability to once again emerge unscathed from a demanding contest. He asserted, “My expectations surpass those of anyone else. I aspire to score on every offensive possession. However, in reality, achieving this feat is improbable. One can either succumb to panic or rebound. While we did not deliver our optimal performance tonight by any stretch of the imagination, I would not discount our ability to rebound from one game to the next.”

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