Pennsylvania: The most important swing state in the final days

Chip in $10 to grassroots organizations in 10 swing states (including Pennsylvania) that are providing key voter assistance against GOP voter suppression. 

At our feed on Mobilize America, Daily Kos has curated these get-out-the-vote activities to help Biden win Pennsylvania. After you sign up, you will be contacted by the campaign organizers via email for further instructions on what next steps you need to take.

Here are some of the get-out-the-vote opportunities where we need volunteers:

  • Back-to-Blue, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, is hosting a virtual phonebank explicitly for out-of-state volunteers to make calls into Pennsylvania during the last four days.

  • NextGen Pennsylvania, which targets young voters, is hosting a get-out-the-vote textbank for the final five days. Textbanking is a popular activity, so volunteer shifts fill up quickly. If you want to textbank, I highly recommend you grab a slot while you can.

  • Swing Left is hosting a virtual phonebank from Philadelphia starting this weekend, where you can log in from anywhere in the country to get out the vote in Pennsylvania.

That’s just a fraction of the hundreds of volunteer activities on our feed, so please check it out.

The polls may suggest Biden will win Pennsylvania, although it’s too close for comfort. But it requires getting out the Democratic vote, and Republicans are pulling out every voter suppression stop they can. And we have not built the kind of initial lead in early voting in Pennsylvania like we have in other swing states.

And reports of absentee ballots getting lost in the mail are terrifying. In Butler County (in western Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh), unknown thousands of voters did not receive their mail-in ballots due to a mix-up by the U.S. Postal Service. Thankfully, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party is running a virtual phonebank that you can participate in here.

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