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Dried flowers are a practical, low-maintenance alternative to a weekly bouquet of fresh blooms. You may well have seen them pop up on your Instagram feed as dried pampas grass, bunny tails, eucalyptus, and hydrangeas are all regular fixtures in the Parisian-chic homes of influencers. 

“The power of Instagram is incredible, hence the rise in popularity of dried flowers,” says Phoebe Mulrooney, founder of Phohm, a florist that specialises in dried arrangements. “There’s a big trend for ‘mantlescaping’ (ie. styling your mantlepiece) with sculptural vases, dried flowers and ornamental candles.” 

Preserved flowers have practical as well as aesthetic appeal. For obvious reasons, they don’t need water or natural light (they’ll actually fare better away from direct sunlight). They last for months, if not years, and so are arguably better for the environment than having fresh flowers on rotation. 

While florists have shuttered their doors due to ongoing Coronavirus lockdown restrictions, you may be wondering whether you can buy dried flowers online. The answer is yes – Trouva, Etsy and Not On the High Street offer countless options, as well as some independent florists (including Phohm) offer online delivery.

Here are the best places to buy dried flowers that will deliver to your door…

1. The Great British Florist Bartestree dried flower bouquet 

£45, The Great British Florist

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