Travel news latest: Greece plans to welcome vaccinated Britons by May

Covid passports could include positive test results under plans being considered by ministers.

Michael Gove, who will head the review into the potential development of Covid status certificates, will study similar schemes in other countries including Israel, which has introduced a “green pass” for vaccinated citizens.

Israel’s launch of a Covid certificate contained in an app, and its success in already vaccinating half its population, has allowed it to open synagogues, gyms and hotels to those who have been inoculated. 

It has also granted eligibility for the certificate to those who have recovered from the virus and are not currently eligible for the vaccine. Having contracted Covid, they will have immunity.

“Michael will look at international operators, as he did when he was looking at education reforms and studied systems in Singapore and Shanghai,” said a source. “Israel’s scheme is something we will examine and it would be odd if we didn’t look at positive tests as a factor.”

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