The best WiFi extenders to boost your internet signal


Having a good, reliable WiFi signal at home has never been more important. Increasingly, we depend on the internet in every room in the house, to connect our smart devices, be they phones, tables or toasters.

With home working from becoming the norm, there’s more need than ever for a reliable laptop, as well as a separate keyboardwireless mouse and printer to complete the ‘home office’ setup. Add in your gaming setup (or your children’s) and an excellent internet connection is essential.

However, the humble router can only cast its WiFi net so far. For those who live in big houses, or houses with thick walls, receiving signal in all corners of your home can be problematic. Which is where WiFi extenders come in. These can boost the signal and, in some cases, even stabilise your existing WiFi connection.

Extenders range in price from less than £20 to over £300, depending on how wide the area you need to cover is. As with many things in life, I’ve found you get what you pay for. Cheap devices often require a lot of fiddling on a recurring basis.

It’s also worth noting that this is a subject mired in jargon. The process of setting up your device can be an exercise in how many technology acronyms you can remember. I write about this stuff for a living and even I struggled occasionally. To help you out on this front, I’ve written a glossary at the end of this article.

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