The best things to do in Ibiza, from sailing trips to moonlight yoga


These are unusual times, and the state of affairs can change quickly. Please check the latest travel guidance before making your journey. Note that our writer visited pre-pandemic.

While the foundations of Ibiza’s fame are largely built on its clubbing roots, increasingly people are cottoning on to the island’s many faces — it’s not all expensive bottles of water, sticky dancefloors and sunsets (though you can never really have too many of these). Indeed, to unearth the real charm of this fair Balearic isle requires getting off the beaten track where lush, rolling green hills and pine forests alive with the song of cicadas quieten the mind and ease the soul. There’s plenty to Ibiza besides techno, and you needn’t look far to find it.

Rev it up on a Mustang tour of the island

There’s nothing like the sleek, shiny lines of a Ford Mustang to get a car enthusiast’s juices flowing, and that’s before you mention the prospect of taking one out for a spin on winding, tree-lined back roads, of which there are countless to choose from in Ibiza. Mustang Adventures‘ rental cars come in dark green, baby blue and black, but for maximum muscle points it has to be the 1965, red convertible V8, a machine that evokes all the glamour of a bygone era. You’re guaranteed plenty of admiring glances from onlookers, so be sure to perfect your thumbs up before hitting the road.

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