Going to the supermarket is the best thing about holidays


“She’s come all the way from the UK and all she wants to do is go to Walmart!” my Louisianan mother-in-law is telling her husband about my holiday plans, with the half-amused, half-baffled tone of someone who’s just been introduced to an innocuous cousin of ET.

I am visiting my (now ex) boyfriend’s hometown near Dallas, Texas, in the USA for the first time, and the two of us are heading out for a third trip (that week) to the town’s equivalent of big Tesco. My ex laughs when I ask if we should walk the half-mile journey, as it’s so close by.

When we get there I wander through the cereal aisle like a 10-year-old, dazzled by primary colours and the promise of more sugar in a single bowl of ‘Donut O’s’ than my mum would let me have in an entire weekend as a child.  I spend at least 20 minutes opening and slamming freezer doors in a way that my post-pandemic brain would baulk at, marvelling at ice cream birthday cakes and mac-and-cheese-filled Cheetos and frozen egg and bacon waffle sandwiches.

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