Five dead in Alabama as South braces for tornadoes and 166mph winds


At least five people have died in Alabama so far as storms and tornadoes moved across the Southeast US on Thursday, threatening 30 million Americans with severe weather and leaving nearly 55,000 across the country without power.

The casualties were in Calhoun County, Alabama, where search and rescue efforts involving around 200 first responders remain under way, according.

On Thursday afternoon, a so-called “tornadic thunderstorm” traveled across upper Alabama through Georgia, a path of more than 100 miles.

“This has been the longest-track tornado I have ever seen in my life,” Glenn Burns, chief meteorologist at Atlanta’s WSB-TV news station, said on Thursday.

Many tornadoes associated with the storm were ranked as EF-5 or EF-5, meaning they could cause winds of 166mph.

The National Weather service has issued tornado warnings for the states of Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, while forecasters warn that Tennessee and Mississippi could also experience high storm and tornado risk. The tornado warning remains in place until at least 8pm Eastern time.

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