Dr Jill Biden reveals she was paid less than male teacher colleagues


Dr Jill Biden has revealed how she experienced unequal pay compared to her male colleagues while working as a teacher, as Megan Rapinoe explained how she felt “devalued” while working as a professional soccer player.

“It wasn’t just the money … it was the lack of respect, the discrimination. Why was my work worth less?” Dr Biden said during a White House event to promote Equal Pay Day.

The incident happened in 1975 where the first lady said she was hired to her position around the same time as another male colleague. But Dr Biden found out she was making 25 per cent less than the male teacher – this despite them “working the same hours”, having a similar grouping of students, and having similar experience levels, she added.

“There are women still in the same position,” Dr Biden continued. “This is personal to me because it is personal to all women. It is one example of how we still treat women differently than men, and it is wrong.”

One statistic Dr Biden cited was that women “have to work three months and 24 days longer to make the same amount as their male colleagues.” For Black and Hispanic women, she added, it tends to be months longer.

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