Census 2021 to ask about gender and sexuality for first time


Britons will be asked about their gender identity and sexual orientation in this year’s census for the first time, though the new questions are voluntary and do not need to be answered.

Run by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the questionnaire gives government the most accurate estimate of who lives where. And this year, it is likely to give a long-lasting impression of life during the pandemic.

It will also provide officials with a snapshot of how Brexit is impacting the country.

The official count of every person and household, which takes place once every 10 years, asks questions about households, residents and what they do.

Households in the UK must complete the questionnaire by Sunday, or risk a fine, as local authorities try to determine how many people are living in England and Wales.

The National Records of Scotland announced earlier this year that the census had been pushed back to March 2022 for households in Scotland due to coronavirus.

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