Boris Johnson ditches ‘late night cheese’ as he loses ‘quite a lot’ of weight


Boris Johnson has lost a stone in weight after ditching alcohol, chocolate and “late night cheese”.

The Prime Minister put himself on a diet after being hospitalised with coronavirus last year, and believes his 16.5 stone weight made the effects of the disease much worse.

In a video posted to Twitter, Mr Johnson said he had been eating fewer carbohydrates, and cut back on chocolate and had decided: “No more late-night cheese.”

“I’ve been doing a lot, in fact, everything I can, to lose weight and to feel fitter and healthier,” he said.

“The result is I actually have lost some weight, quite a lot by my standards, and I feel much more energetic, I feel full of beans and I thoroughly, thoroughly recommend it.”

Mr Johnson said the Government was investing £100m in weight loss as a “national objective” for others who wanted to do the same.

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