Best wedding anniversary gifts for 2021, from paper to platinum present ideas


15th anniversary: Crystal

Raise a glass to 15 years together with crystalline flutes from Swarovski or Tiffany & Co. Alternatively, spoil your partner with a crystal necklace or spruce up your mantelpiece with a new crystal ornament.

The contemporary gift for this anniversary is a new watch – whether that be a slim Michael Kors or a statement Tag Heur. You could even allude to the traditional crystal theme with a watch from Swarovski.

20th anniversary: China

Porcelain is a staple gift for a 20th anniversary. Whether you go for china ornaments, a teapot from Wedgwood, or plates from The White Company, this anniversary is a chance to buy a gift that will last for years to come. For more contemporary long-lasting gifts, try headphones from Bang & Olufsen or a statement pair of Kurt Geiger heels.

25th anniversary: Silver

A gift made from sterling silver is the ideal way to mark spending a quarter of a century together. Browse for a silver-coloured photo frame, or go all-out and invest in one made from sterling silver. For a present that will get daily use, peruse the sterling silver cufflinks at Aspinal of London or splurge on some silver earrings from a reputable jeweller.

30th anniversary: Pearl

Pearl necklaces may have fallen out of fashion, but pearl earrings are a subtle and understated accessory. We particularly appreciate the selection at John Lewis – or, if you want to really push the boat out, you can head to Dior. If you can’t decide what to buy your husband, he may appreciate the square-shaped pearl cufflinks from The Cufflink Store.   

Diamond is the updated 30th anniversary theme, but you may want to save this special gift for your 60th anniversary.

35th anniversary: Coral

It is unlikely that your partner would appreciate a chunk of coral for your anniversary. However, you can incorporate this theme by sticking to coral-coloured products – a Mulberry handbag in Coral Rose, for instance, or a coral silk tie from The Tie Shop.

The modern update of this anniversary theme is jade, so you could treat your partner to jade jewellery or ornaments.

40th anniversary: Ruby

The regal ruby stone has inspired a variety of premium gifts. There’s a plethora of ruby jewellery, for instance, and we particularly like the ring and necklace options from H.Samuel. For an even grander display of your affection, order a bouquet of 100 red roses from Appleyard Flowers or book a weekend away with Virgin Experience Days

45th anniversary: Sapphire

If you’re looking to really impress, buy your partner some sapphire drop earrings or a sapphire pendant necklace from a reputable jeweller. Alternatively, you could subtly allude to the precious stone by purchasing a four-set of decorated gin glasses or a sapphire valet tray from Noble Macmillan.

50th anniversary: Gold

Gold is synonymous with jewellery, so we recommend updating your partner’s wedding band on this anniversary. Alternatively, you could purchase earrings, cufflinks or new shoes.

For your husband, buy a premium bottle of whiskey or pick out a new aftershave – you get bonus points if it’s in gold packaging.  

55th anniversary: Emerald

Like gold, emerald is a great material for jewellery. Whether you opt for a drop necklace, ring or bracelet, this gemstone adds sparkle to any accessory. For a more understated gift, you could order flowers with plenty of foliage or order an emerald-coloured Parker pen.

60th anniversary: Diamond

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they’ll also be your best friend if you’re looking to impress your wife. Simply pop into a reputable jewellers and pick up a diamond necklace or  drop earrings. You could even update her wedding band with a new diamond ring.

For him, you could look into diamond-studded watches or, for a more understated gift, buy him a new decanter for his favourite bottle of wine.

70th anniversary: Platinum

After 70 years together, you deserve a present as strong as your marriage. There is a range of platinum jewellery available, from rings to necklaces, and we particularly appreciate the Ernest Jones collection. Alternatively, you could treat your partner to a good-quality bottle of scotch. If you’re keen to keep with the platinum theme, we recommend the Johnnie Walker Platinum Label Scotch.

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