Anti-lockdown protest: More than 30 arrested as London rally turns violent


Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor, who led the policing operation, said while the majority in attendance caused no trouble, there were pockets of disorder with crowds throwing bottles and other missiles and a number of officers were assaulted.

On a challenging day for the force, officers tried to explain to people their actions were unlawful under Covid-19 regulations, and encouraged them to go home to protect themselves and others during the public health crisis.

“Where this approach did not work and officers were met with hostility, police enforced the regulations and made arrests,” he said.

DAC Taylor added: “We once again saw police come under fire from missiles thrown by people in crowds, and several were injured as a result of targeted assaults.

“It is totally unacceptable and saddening that officers enforcing regulations that are there to protect us all were the victims of violent attacks. I wish them a speedy recovery.

“Many of those on duty in central London today should have been in their local communities dealing with violent crime and other local issues, but they played a role in reducing the risk of Covid-19 spreading by dispersing crowds.”

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