48 hours in . . . Mykonos, an insider guide to Greece’s most glamorous party island


Etiquette when self-driving: It’s tempting to say it’s every driver for himself, but here, especially the closer you get to Chora, you have to drive slowly and with care as the roads can be fiendishly narrow, and those big, wide public buses lumber along them regularly.

Greetings: Handshakes are standard, or hugs between friends.

Any atypical laws/customs (for British readers) that one should note when visiting: Smoking is still prevalent throughout Greece, both indoors in public areas (eg bars, restaurants, clubs) and outdoors. And while several areas on some of the public beaches are specifically designated nudist, if they are not, it’s unwise to strip off in front of families.

General points of safety: Mykonos is one of the most liberal parts of Greece, and, perhaps due to its higher prices, doesn’t attract much of a criminal element. There are, however, several beggars who populate the streets so you may want to keep a close eye on your wallet. 

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Laura Millar first experienced Mykonos as a student in 1994. Since then she’s come back almost every year, drawn to the laid-back vibe, spectacular sunsets and her constant search for the perfect Greek salad.

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