48 hours in. . . Lanzarote, an insider guide to the land of volcanoes and vines


• The standard local greeting is a kiss on both cheeks, but handshakes are fine too especially if they know that you are a tourist.

• Spaniards tend to dine later than their British counterparts, often not until 9pm or 10pm. This is reflected in Lanzarote, but in most of the tourist-oriented restaurants they are used to visitors dining earlier.

• Lanzarote’s beaches are bedecked with tourists in various states of undress. This is normally tolerated on the sands, but be aware that beyond the beach bars bare chests and skimpy beachwear is not welcome in bars, cafés and restaurants where locals go.

• Most visits to Lanzarote are trouble free, but one major danger to be aware of is the ocean. This is the Atlantic with serious surf, undercurrents and rip tides. It’s always a good idea to check on conditions locally and just don’t get in if you are in any doubt. Note that the resorts tend to have stretches of sand available that are protected by lifeguards.

• Crime is relatively low on Lanzarote. One danger to look out for is leaving items on display in your car hire, even in car parks. Better still secure all valuables in your hotel safe. 

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