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Following a brutal collision against Colorado State, Colorado’s top two-way player Travis Hunter was injured and brought to the hospital-Travis Hunter injury update

After transferring from Jackson State, Hunter has been among the best players for the Buffaloes this year.
According to the ESPN broadcast, Colorado’s two-way standout Travis Hunter was rushed to a nearby hospital following the Buffaloes’ 43-35 victory over Colorado State on Saturday night. Following first-year coach Deion Sanders from Jackson State, Hunter, a wide receiver and cornerback for the No. 18 Buffs, with his play in the first two games of the season, made an early impact on the Heisman Trophy contest.

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Travis Hunter injury

In the first quarter of the game, Colorado State safety Henry Blackburn struck Hunter hard while he was playing wide receiver. Hunter stayed down on the field to receive treatment from trainers. Blackburn received a point for unnecessary roughness. After the hit, Hunter eventually came back into the game and made a tackle in the second quarter before permanently exiting.

Travis Hunter injury

Although it was unclear right away if Blackburn’s hit was to blame for Hunter’s withdrawal, it provided an early flashpoint in a match that was already tense. Shedeur Sanders, the quarterback for Colorado, confronted Blackburn after the collision to defend Hunter.
Hunter, the top overall talent in the Class of 2022, shocked the college football world by selecting Jackson State and Sanders over Florida State, breaking a long-standing pledge. Sanders, who played both offence and defence throughout his collegiate football career, and he have grown close.

While Sanders has emphasised that he is particularly well-suited to manage Hunter’s workload given his expertise in a similar capacity, Hunter’s endurance as a two-way player who logs 100 or more plays each game has come into doubt.



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