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The Life and Legacy of Alex Collins: A Tale of Triumph and Tragedy in the Seahawks’ Realm

The Seahawks community finds itself in a somber state as they grieve the loss of one of their own, Alex Collins. A cherished comrade and adored figure among both teammates and fans, Collins etched his mark during his two stints with the team.

At the age of 28, Collins departed this world following a motorcycle accident on a fateful Monday.

The weight of this news is palpable, as Collins’ family conveyed in a heartfelt statement, “We share the heavy-hearted news of Alex Collins’ passing earlier today. Within the embrace of family and friends, Alex’s presence was a source of profound warmth and he garnered support from across the globe. To those who truly knew him, his relentless determination, unswerving drive, and larger-than-life persona stood as undeniable truths. In this trying period, we humbly seek your thoughts and prayers for our family. As we grapple with our sorrow, we implore for privacy. We shall update you on the forthcoming funeral arrangements.”

Seahawks’ executive VP and general manager, John Schneider, voiced the collective sorrow, saying, “The extended Seahawks family, joined by the devoted 12s, carries a heavy heart with news of Alex’s passing. His infectious smile and the enchanting dance moves he graced us with will forever linger as poignant memories. An aura of radiance surrounded Alex, endearing him to every corner of our organization. He approached life with gusto, a trait he seamlessly translated onto the football field. Among the annals of SEC history, he held a prominent position as one of the most prolific rushers. Our condolences extend to his immediate family, the Gate wood family, and his agent Kelli Masters. Farewell, Alex, your absence leaves an indelible void. On behalf of Jody Allen, Pete Carroll, Chuck Arnold, Chad Morton, and the entire Seahawks fraternity, may you find eternal peace.”

Collins, originally drafted by the Seahawks in the fifth round of 2016, embarked on a journey that saw him briefly venture to Baltimore before finding his way back to Seattle in 2020 and 2021. During these spells, he garnered acclaim from peers and mentors alike, his contribution instrumental in igniting the team’s running game.

In the words of Seahawks’ head coach Pete Carroll, uttered in 2021, “Within the team, he emanates a remarkable spirit that uplifts us all. His trajectory is nothing short of remarkable, and my enthusiasm for him is boundless.”

Collins etched his name in the hearts of Seattleites, a beloved figure for his infectious grin and exuberant demeanor. His iconic Irish dance touchdown celebration, a nod to his pre-NFL foray into Irish dance to hone his footwork, became emblematic of his unique character.

A native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Collins pursued his higher education at Arkansas after a standout stint at South Plantation High School. A fact Coach Carroll was keen to spotlight, Collins etched his legacy as one of the rare triumvirate in SEC history to breach the 1,000-yard rushing mark in three consecutive seasons.

In Memory of Alex Collins

As the Seahawks community mourns the loss of Alex Collins, his impact remains profound and lasting. His infectious spirit, remarkable skills, and joyful celebrations have left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans and teammates. Let us remember his legacy, honor his contributions, and cherish the memories he created during his time with the team.



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