Dansby Swanson’s 2-homer win over the Giants puts Braves detractors in their place

For anyone doubting whether or not the Atlanta Braves can run it back this year, shortstop Dansby Swanson has an answer: an impeccable 2-homer performance. 

When the Atlanta Braves rolled out their starting lineup for their series finale against the San Francisco Giants, there were some notable omissions.

Braves fans were concerned about how ATL would win without Ronald Acuña Jr. or Austin Riley at bat, but as it turns out, Atlanta did just fine without them.

The Braves pulled out a close 7-6 victory over the San Francisco Giants, thanks to shortstop Dansby Swanson’s two-homerun game. Swanson brought in three runs total, which made all the difference in a one-run victory. It’s only the seventh multi-homer that Swanson has batted in his MLB career, per Bally Sports’ Kelly Crull.

Citing the team’s ability to “win games in different kinds of ways”, Swanson noted that the win was “huge” in defeating a good team like San Francisco.

“Definitely a good confidence boost for us,” Swanson added.

Embracing that confident energy, the Braves had a laugh at anyone who doubted their ability to beat a winning team with a record so close to the Braves’ own.

Braves silence criticism with impressive win over the Giants, courtesy of Dansby Swanson

Although the Braves’ thrilling June win streak has ended, this is still an 18-3 team in the sweltering summer month.

Adding to June’s heat is the fact that all three of Dansby Swanson’s latest at-bats have resulted in home runs.

But Swanson wasn’t the only fiery Braves player boasting impressive at-bats. As of this series finale against the Giants, catcher Travis d’Arnaud is tied for the RBI lead at his position.

The perfect win streak may be over, but that doesn’t change the fact that as Swanson said, the team is finding ways to win no matter the lineup. The Braves are climbing the NL East rankings, and if the 45-26 New York Mets slip up just a little, the Braves could potentially overtake them in the standings. It’s a long way to October, so there’s plenty of time for the Braves to claim the division for the fifth straight season.

The Giants represent a key win as the Braves head into an anticipated matchup against the 43-25 Los Angeles Dodgers, the new home of former Braves champion Freddie Freeman.

Until then, Atlanta fans can enjoy watching Swanson hitting it out of the park as his home run streak continues for the A.

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