Browns: Wyatt Teller’s offseason activities include carrying full-grown alligators (Video)


Cleveland Browns guard Wyatt Teller has embraced his inner “Florida Man,” as he carries full-grown alligators across his shoulders like it is no big deal.

If you help get the Cleveland Browns back into the playoffs, you can do pretty much anything in life. Just ask the fearless All-Pro guard Wyatt Teller all about that, while he carries a giant alligator across his brave and broad shoulders.

Though he might be a Hokie, Teller has earned the respective of many Dawgs, Gamecocks and Vols on this fine Friday in early March. Being able to use full-grown alligators as a weight-training prop is a bolder strategy than even Cotton McKnight could ever hope to come up with. If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball, but it doesn’t mean you can wrangle a gator like Teller can.

Not all heroes wear capes, but Wyatt Teller can carry a gator like a champion

We are not even a day removed from Browns franchise quarterback Baker Mayfield and his wife Emily Wilkinson seeing a UFO near Lake Travis. So at this point, there is nothing shocking when it comes to the Browns and their offseason activities. Teller is telling us how it is as a Florida Man. An alligator might have all them teeth and no toothbrush, but that’s because he’s in charge, y’all.

Even if guards are not draft-eligible players in fantasy football, Teller would be No. 1 on all of our boards after this impressive feat. Yes, his third professional season out of Virginia Tech was great and all, but the dude is straight up carrying a gator to wherever he wants it to go. Though the gator is putting up no resistance, maybe it is still deflated after how 2020 ended in Gainesville?

If “Florida Man” is too many characters to be Teller’s nickname, then “Gator” will have to do.

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