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KCAA urges compliance to separation distance between landing sites and activity venues » Capital News

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 23 — The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) has asked helicopter operators to ensure adherence to minimum separation requirements between aircraft and activity venues amid an increase in breach of laid safety protocols.

The aviation authority, in a statement released on Thursday, noted the minimum distance provided for under existing regulations is 3km.

“The guideline is to land and take-off at least 3km from the activity venue and to ensure at least 30 meters radius free of people,” said following an incident in Meru where a curious onlooker clung to the landing gear of a helicopter as it took off.

The authority’s Director General Emile Arao said KCAA will continue to work with key stakeholders such as the National Police Service and aviation operators to ensure compliance to the set out standards of operations to secure safety and security of the public and property.

He also warned members of the public against breaching safety protocols.

“The Authority categorically emphasizes that hanging on to choppers poses unnecessary danger to persons and property. Members of the public seen to approach the aircraft landing and take-off sites will be held culpable,” he cautioned.

KCAA urged helicopter operators to liaise with their clients to ensure necessary arrangements are made for all flights to ensure compliance to landing sites regulations.

“For the management of clients served by helicopters, operators through their crew
need to provide sufficient briefing to clients and ensure they do not jeopardize the safe operation of the aircraft,” the agency said.

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“This includes addressing crowds around the aircraft or engaging in crowd pulling activities while in or near an aircraft,” KCAA added.

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