What Is the Future of Romance in Post COVID?


Romantic relationships may end with post-COVID, but it is likely many more will blossom as people miss companionship. However, financial constraints and health fears will limit some of the dating enthusiasm.

How Might Romantic Relationships Change After the Pandemic?

The best online dating sites have been booming during COVID-19. That surge in popularity is only set to rise as more people look to expand their romantic options as the world slowly starts to open back. Let’s look at some other ways romantic relationships will change once the pandemic starts to disappear.

Some Romantic Relationships May Not Last Long

Are you wondering how romantic relationships change over time? I bet your first thought wasn’t a global pandemic that confines everyone to their homes. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has separated many people in a relationship who do not live together. Either through border closures or city and nationwide lockdowns, lovers have been unable to see each other. When pandemic restrictions are eased, many partners will find that the initial spark that drew each other together has disappeared, and the time apart has led them to end the romantic relationship.

In contrast, lovers who have been in lockdown together and forced to spend 24/7 with each other may also have lost a romantic connection. By spending so much time together, they may have discovered that they aren’t compatible and decide to leave the romantic relationship. The fact that spending too little or too much time with a person can destroy a relationship is why romantic relationships are so difficult.

Physical Intimacy May Decline

Even after all restrictions are lifted and a halt is placed on social distancing, some people will be hesitant to get up close and personal with new lovers. After over a year of living under COVID, many of the behaviours will remain ingrained in the minds of those seeking romantic relationships. People who got used to bunkering down alone in their homes will continue living the single life and secretly wonder to themselves, are romantic relationships important? For those still dating, expect to continue seeing a lot of quick hugs, pecks on the cheek, and lots of handwashing in the wake of COVID.

The Long Lasting Financial Impacts of COVID Will Alter Dating Locations

The financial devastation brought about by COVID is not going to vanish overnight as many people have lost homes, sunk into debt, and are still looking for jobs. Due to the financial struggles of many people looking for love, dates will be less grand. Coffee dates, picnics, and walks in the park are going to be more likely compared to fancy dinners, bottle service at a club, or tickets to expensive shows. It may be a while before many daters feel comfortable increasing their budget.

What Are the Different Types of Romantic Relationships Most Affected by COVID?

You can expect a high number of hookups post Coronavirus. While some daters will no doubt be concerned about the continued health risk of dating post-COVID, others will be looking to let their hair down and enjoy their freedom. Experts believe that once social distance is a term of the past, people will experience a surge in romantic relationships as they look to compensate for months and missed dating opportunities. Romantic relationship experts and dating psychologists expect people to be more liberal with their dating choices, which will include increasing their dating frequency and the number of potential suitors.


The post COVID impact on romantic relationships is expected to be mixed. Some people will shy away from dating completely and be wondering, are romantic relationships overrated? While other people will be taking advantage of the easing of restrictions and be looking to meet as many new people as possible. One thing is for sure, not all romantic relationships will survive the pandemic. We want to hear your thoughts on how you expect your romantic relationships to change post-COVID. Please comment below.

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