What is a proxy server? Five best and free proxy servers

A proxy server provides an intermediate level between you and the internet. It’s a server, mentioned as an “intermediary” because this goes between end-users and the sites they visit online.

A computer connects to the online web, and it uses an IP address. Each device has its own IP Address, or the IP Address can be shared by a group of devices on a particular network. If you are facing issues with your IP Address, click this link for an in-depth guide to troubleshoot and configure your device accordingly. This is almost like your home’s address, telling incoming data where to travel and marking outgoing data with an address for other devices to authenticate. A proxy server is a computer on the web that has an IP address of its own.

Why should you use a Proxy Server?

A proxy server has many benefits. Some of them are listed here-

  • It secures your privacy

It protects your privacy by hiding your IP address and allows you to surf anonymously on the internet. If you directly visit a webpage without using a proxy server, then your public IP address will be visible, making it easier for others to know which website you’re seeing. But while using a Proxy, your public IP address becomes invisible as the Proxy Server acts as the middleman between the PC and the webserver. So, the IP address of the proxy server only is often seen viewing the webpage. So your IP address stops here, and the rest of the job is done by the proxy server IP address.

  • Speed

Speed is another benefit of the Proxy Server. For example, if a company uses a proxy server and whenever a visitor wants to retrieve a webpage, then on behalf of the user, the proxy server will retrieve the webpage from the internet. The webpage will be stored on the centralized cache database by the proxy server for another user. If they look for the same website on a different computer, it will become easily accessible by storing it in the proxy database. So, this makes the website retrieval much faster.

A proxy server saves its bandwidth which is another advantage as it reduces the need to go out on the internet to retrieve data. Because it already stores the data in the database

  • Activity logging

Many companies use proxy to keep track of the website their employees are viewing. So whenever the company’s employees surf the internet, the proxy keeps a record of the website visited by their employees and the time spent on each website visited.

In addition, a proxy can be useful to configure certain websites and block them by the company to keep their employees from visiting them.

How a proxy works:

A Web Proxy acts as a go-between for a computer and the internet with its IP address. Your computer is familiar with that address, and once you send an invitation on the web, it’s routed to the proxy, which then gets the response from the online server and forwards the info from the page to your computer’s browser, like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

How to get a proxy:

There is a hardware and software variety. Hardware connections are present between your network and the web. There they can send and forward data from the web. They get, ship, and forward data online. Software proxies are classically hosted by a supplier or reside within the cloud. You download and install an application that facilitates interplay with the proxy.

Often, a software proxy is obtained for a monthly fee. Sometimes, they are free. Users are provided with limited addresses that work only on a few devices in the free category. The paid ones provide access to several devices. 

Five best and free proxy servers: 

1. Hide me 

Hide me is one of the best free proxy servers for hiding IP addresses. It focused on its VPN service. This proxy allows you to disable cookies, scripts, and objects on any site. Hide me provides ad-free service even in a free package. Hide me doesn’t store any logs of your online activities. 

2. Hidester

It is another good site known for its reliability. But it is not for sure that reputation will stand up. Because this proxy is pretty new. There is no need to install this software or application to use this site. User profiles can be accessed on multiple platforms, including your smartphone. 

Hidester is also in the league of HideMe, which makes it stand on number two in our list. They both have a paid VPN service. It has something to do with a marketing strategy to keep users hooked with the free service and convert them to paid customers by providing them a VPN.

Hidester features a US server that is specially optimized for China, and that they even have a server in Europe

3. Anonymous

Anonymous is one of the most used web proxies. The main page for Anonymous shows you the knowledge that snoopers can see once you hook up with a site. And it allows you to compare that to what they’ll know once you connect through their proxy. But they choose the precise proxy for you, so you’ll need to trust them. According to many sources, it has been confirmed that it spots most of the proxies. So, the security won’t be the simplest. This old service seems to be improving. Paid applicants get SSL encryption, and Anonymous newly launched its VPN.

4. Filter Bypass

Filter bypass is used by a lot of people daily. This web proxy works well. Users can use it to detour filters and access web content. One of the disadvantages of a Filter Bypass is that the proxy server does not give the option to choose from where to browse.

Along with the online proxy, you’ll use Anonymous to send e-mails and post to newsgroups anonymously. So, in any case, at this point, it still has something unique to supply.

5. Megaproxy

It has some unique features that pull it aside from other proxy sites. It allows you to stop all ads and block cookies also, from websites. MegaProxy is an easy-to-use, user-friendly security service capable of handling advanced web pages without the need to sacrifice user’s privacy. The software was released on September 5, 2012, and has no additional system requirements.


None of those proxies would be our first recommendation for people that want to guard their privacy and stay safe online. A trusted VPN will do a far better job than anybody of those. You can also read our guide to VPNs for an in-depth explanation. Our priority is VPN. But free web proxies are a suitable option, especially for new and temporary use.

As you’ll see, there are many good choices available. Their basic function is usually equivalent, but there are unique advantages to different services. Luckily, they’re all liberal to use and work right in your browser. So, you’ll test them out one by one if you would like to.

Free web proxies are often a relevant way of learning about the risks related to your web browsing and the way to guard against them. Many of these web proxies’ providers have their VPNs. Complete protection is ensured through an internet proxy. We also glanced at different proxy protocols if you’re looking to know the opposite options available to you.



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