The importance of having an expensive sheet

Most people are hostage to credit card installments and loans, thus having all their salary destined to pay debts and creditors. There are few people who have control of their expenses and know how to save money. The lack of organization is one of the main culprits for this scenario and it happens because many people buy something new and forget the installments of purchased products.

With so many debts to pay, it is impossible to save money, so the debtor always lives on the edge looking for even more than one job and guarantee of security, because he has not made any financial savings.

In order not to live in constant financial instability, expense sheets are great organization tools and good guides for those who do not want to get lost in the midst of debts and debts, thus avoiding putting their own financial credit at risk.

More important than having a financial spreadsheet is to understand the types of spreadsheets that exist and how to use them to your advantage, because there is a financial spreadsheet for every need and how to apply it in your financial life in a practical way to get results.

In this article, we will teach you about the types of spreadsheets to save money, so you can think of a way to apply the money or just leave it in reserve.

Personal worksheet

With the personal expenses spreadsheet, you can write down how much you are spending on beauty and welfare products and services, such as creams, perfumes, hairdressing, among others.

This is important to understand where your money is going and if you are not spending on products you have in your house, for example, buying a new perfume, since you still have a bottle of perfume in your closet.

With these practices, you will realize that you may be spending money on things that are not urgent and sacrificing your savings, because often the money is being spent on super boring things that don’t make much of a difference in lifestyle. Avoiding this type of expense guarantees more money at the end of the month, so you can create a savings account or start an investment.

Family worksheet

The family expense spreadsheet is for those who are married and have children. It is a great way to understand how the adults’ money is being spent and compare if someone is investing more or less in managing the house.

For example, if your husband or wife earns more money than you, then, he or she can invest a little more in the house. If you earn less than your partner and are spending more money than he or she, the family spending worksheet is a guide to balance.

Punctual worksheet

The punctual spreadsheet serves to manage the expenses in the time defined by you. For example, it can be a weekly or monthly spreadsheet, punctuating the time limit you want to understand your expenses.

This spreadsheet is more rigorous for those who want to understand all financial life in detail. The punctual expense spreadsheet requires more administration time because it is necessary to be very detailed and write down all the expenses.

Regardless of the chosen spending spreadsheet model, the important thing is to know how to start, where to save a part of your salary and thus ensure you save money that can be used in an emergency or destined for a dream trip or when buying a car, for example.

It doesn’t matter which project you choose to invest your money in, it is important to keep in mind that the economy is necessary so that you can consider new options and create new opportunities in financial terms.



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