Keeping Yourself Busy and Productive During Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic made an impact on the conduct of our lives and affected everyone at varying levels. The emergence of the virus entailed a lot of losses than wins. The world groped in the dark and jobs, businesses, and opportunities were lost. Slowly getting back on track, we strategize ways on how to live inside a bubble and keep the life ball rolling in isolation and digitally. Technology and innovation helped us move forward and paved the way for us to embrace the remote work setting. 

This new work lifestyle has been lauded by transposed employees. In fact, according to Apollo Technical (2021), remote workers feel happy by 22% than those in the real office setting. Prodoscore (2021), positively, also noticed an increased productivity rate in the remote workforce by 47%. These virtual office workers were found to have experienced less stress, more focus, and a better work-life balance performing their job functions at home. 

With these figures, it is understandable why many are assume consideration of the hybrid or strictly remote work setups in the future. Also in Apollo Technical (2020), 59% of employees and potential employees mentioned that they would more likely choose an employer who offers remote work over those that do not. Companies see a bright future to this since this means lesser utility overheads for them and their employees are all the time safe, happy, and productive.

However, working from a home office can only get either monotonous or too stressful. As such, you want to stretch a little and give yourself a renewed perspective so that you can take on another day injected with a higher level of energy. Here are a few ways:

  • Try crosswords, scrabble, puzzles, or other brain games.

One way to keep yourself busy and productive is to find ways how you can improve your knowledge and skills. You might want to put out the traditional crosswords or install them on your phone. This makes a great activity helpful for you and your thinking brain. While you are at it answering, do a little self-check and analysis of the words, facts, and other things you will discover within the game. It will not only help you professionally but also personally for fulfillment. 

  • Develop new ways that can help you save utility bills working from home.

Not only is this good for your purse strings but it is also good for the environment as you are doing a social responsibility. Opening your blinds can help you regulate the temperature inside your home and provide ample light on your workspace. Switch to LED or upgrade to solar panels can also minimize your electricity and electronic usage. Reducing carbon even in remote work can also definitely make you an indirect advocate.

  • Try out a trend or hobby. 

Since most people are at home, certain trends made it online whether on TikTok or Facebook. One of the many favorites is food trends. Plant-based foods, pickling, and fermenting, homemade pasta are just some of the most trending in the United States. You can make use of your free time unwinding by trying out a trendy recipe or whip up your own restaurant-quality food. Have a wine to go with it and relax the entire evening.

There are, of course, many activities other than the ones on this list. You can also come up with an original. Just remember that the reason why you are doing all of these is to improve your physical and mental wellbeing — the two greatest things worth more than wealth these days.

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