How to install and read an eBook on your desktop

Technology has enveloped our lives from all quarters. Making the best use of tech in every task we do decides how brilliant our life is. Imagine reading the most treasured book from your collection online! Wouldn’t you cherish having an eBook that doesn’t degrade with time? Seeing your favorite book getting lost in its quality due to long-time shelf storage can be heart-breaking. The best alternative to get the satisfying feeling of having your book with you would be in the form of an eBook. The best seller books these days have an online version in no time. Some ever release directly as an eBook. We no longer have to browse the stores for hours together, getting stressed out till we find the correct one we were searching for. Just a click of a button pops up the long-searched books on our computer screen. Having known the perks of eBooks, wouldn’t it be clever and easy to understand the methods of learning how to download and read an eBook on your desktop? We are here to give that much-needed information. 

Generally, you can download books from the internet with many methods.

  1.  Download via a link and Read –

The simplest way to download would be to find the link to the selected eBook from the web. It would mention the link on the web page with instructions to download correctly. The file is stored by default in your “Downloads” folder on your desktop computer. It probably will be downloaded in a PDF format depending on how the book is presented on the web. If not, other extensions might require specific software to open the eBook. Also, this page by 4Hub can help you download with seamless experience. 

  1. Use one of the best ebook readers and manager ADE – Adobe Digital Editions.

One major program compatible with major electronic devices likes desktop, laptop, mobiles, and iPads. Adobe Digital Editions helps in reading downloaded eBooks with ease. We can select any ebook downloaded with just one installation to be read with ADE and with total ease.

ADE supports files in both PDF and ePub versions.

  1. Many other third-party tools available on the internet like ADE to download and read eBooks.

  We will focus on working with ADE and the steps involved in reading eBooks from the web.

You can find the basic steps to install ADE on your desktop from the following link.

Make sure to download according to the Operating System your device has.

All the essential points to note while downloading the ADE are given in the form of a PDF. Follow all steps to understand better.

Install the .exe file and select the license agreement to proceed with the installation.

In case .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 is missing from your desktop, the same has to be downloaded in addition.

As mentioned above, download the link to the book that you wish to read on your desktop.

We travel on to the next step in our process; it is best to follow the guidelines to set up the ADE once installed.

  • Authorization is required for ADE to work without glitches. To authorize your ADE to read downloaded eBooks, you can follow the below steps:
  • · Open ADE software.
  • · Click on Help.
  • · Later, choose “Authorize Computer.”
  • When this is done, a landing page gives an option to enter three inputs from our side.
  • · eBook Vendor – Choose from the drop-down available.
  • · Adobe ID – Enter the Adobe ID that you have created. In case of no ID till now, choose to make from this link after clicking on “Create Adobe ID.”
  • · Password – Enter the password for the account.
  • Once all the fields are populated, click on Authorize. This requires it to be done only once, so no need to keep logging in each time ADE is opened.
  • We have come to the final part of the ADE operation. This accounts for the most critical process of reading and enjoying your eBook with ease.
  • If you want to download directly using ADE, the ebook automatically opens on the ADE screen after the download process is complete.

The other option is to open the downloaded book from websites. To do this, the set of steps are given below:

  • · Open ADE.
  • · Select File -> Add to Library.
  • · This will open the “Downloads” folder from your computer disk. You can choose the eBook downloaded from Websites.
  • · In case you have saved in a specific folder in your desktop drives like C: or D: or E: select the appropriate folder from the window that opens.
  • · ADE supports both PDF and ePub files of eBooks.
  • · Double click on the eBook to open in ADE.
  • · Enjoy your eBook.
  • This covered the ADE working on a desktop computer.
  • You can even connect an e-Reader to the desktops, and the books downloaded can be transferred to the e-reader through ADE. Hence, ADE is a multipurpose tool when it comes to eBooks.

Along with ADE, many other tools from the web help in eBook reading and downloading. Some of the helpful software are

  1. Kobo – Another tool that helps keep the world of reading books well within our reach.
  • Helps in nighttime reading.
  • Supported on Windows platform.
  1. Calibre – This is an easy-to-download ebook manager and reader.
  • Manage your ebook collection with a preference for reading ePUB books mostly.
  • Supported on Windows and MAC OS platforms.
  • Can be used to download news/magazines also from the internet.
  1. Amazon Kindle – One of the best ebook tools preferred by many.
  • Supports reading in many languages around the globe.
  • Helps in searching within the eBook even to find a specific character.
  • Supported on Windows and Linux OS.
  1. Freda – Another software was chosen by many to read eBooks.
  • Can be connected to OneDrive or DropBox accounts for downloading eBooks further.
  • Using this tool, you can even access the Calibre library.
  • Supported on Windows only.
  1. Sumatra – Helps in reading many extension ebooks like PDF, ePUB, CHM, Comic book, and so on
  • Simple user interface and speed of working are commendable.
  • Supported in Windows 7, 8, and 10 OS.

you can make · Favorite books list

There are many more apps that support eBook reading and downloading. Feel free to go through each of the tools’ descriptions to decide the best reader for your PC. Enjoy the warmth of reading the books you love from the comfort of your desktop computer.



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