How to Achieve Productivity as a Remote Agency

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Businesses that don’t have an office and hire employees that work from home face a unique set of challenges. The most critical is how to achieve productivity as a remote agency.

Some employees find they’re significantly more productive working from home because the distraction of coworkers is removed. But for the overwhelming majority, working remotely means a lack of accountability. 

In this short article, we will cover our six top tips on how to achieve productivity as a remote agency.

1. Scheduled communication and deep work time

Effective communication can be hard to achieve if your team isn’t online at the same time or expecting to be interrupted. A quick fix to this problem is scheduling a couple of hours of “communication time” each day. This period is when meetings and discussions should happen.

Outside of this time, there should also be a couple of hours of deep work. It’s usually helpful to schedule this for the morning when most people are at their peak efficiency. This arrangement will let your team squeeze a few good hours of work out before they’re distracted by meetings.

2. Slack & Zoom, or Microsoft Teams

If you love Microsoft and work with larger corporate clients, then Microsoft Teams is an excellent choice of technology. For the rest of us, Slack and Zoom are the right choices.

Regardless of which stack you pick, it’s critical to choose an application that lets your team quickly chat with each other and another where they can jump on video calls.

Both applications offer an enormous ecosystem of plugins and extensions to help your team become more efficient at their daily tasks.

3. Strategic, tactical and operational meetings

Working remotely typically means fewer meetings. Not meeting so frequently can be a source of increased productivity, but your team needs to run a handful of meetings to keep everyone focused.

Every six months, the management team should meet to discuss strategic goals that affect the company’s direction. Every three months, the management team and team leads should discuss how to achieve the bigger picture goals. Then every week, the entire team should discuss business-as-usual progress.

Consistent meetings where everyone on the team gets to have their say are a sure way to make everyone feel heard and achieve greater productivity.

4. Policies and guides

Recording your policies or standard processes in a central place where your team can access them is a great way to communicate what you expect of them. This is particularly useful for taking vacations, working hours, and how they’ll be remunerated.

When your team doesn’t have a clear understanding of how these things work, it increases the chance of conflict, which is a sure way to kill your agency’s productivity.

5. Recognize hard work

Calling your team out when they’ve achieved something significant or have been working particularly hard is an excellent way to keep them motivated. Lapses in efficiency and productivity often come when team members have been grinding away and feel under-appreciated.

Taking the time to let your team know you have noticed how hard they’re working is free, and it has a huge impact.

6. Adopt a project management methodology

Project management methodologies are usually associated with software agencies, but any remote agency can use them. The most popular methodologies are agile or waterfall, but sometimes picking a hybrid approach that combines the two will better suit your agency’s needs.

Adopting a project management methodology helps keep your team on task and provides visibility into potential issues.


There’s no single answer to how to achieve productivity as a remote agency. It takes a lot of management overview and communication. Most importantly, it’s a team effort. The more you empower your team and give them the tools to succeed, the greater the chance of seeing excellent results!

Author’s Bio: Lori Wade is a writer who is interested in a wide range of spheres from eCommerce to web development and new technologies. If you are interested in the above topics, you can find her on LinkedIn. Read and take over Lori’s useful insights!

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