How Camping Promotes Physical Fitness

Are you tired of the city? Or ready for adventure? Camping is the best way to take a relaxing escapade from your everyday routine.  Activities such as jogging, hiking, walking, or biking impact your body positively. In fact, even simple things such as collecting wood for a bonfire, fetching some water, and unpacking and setting up your campsite are enough to burn some calories.

Apart from getting an opportunity to explore your hobby, camping has many health benefits. Here we explore how sleepouts help you to keep fit.

Top 9 ways in which camping promotes physical fitness

Boost your body’s vitamin D

Over 40% of Americans suffer from vitamin D deficiency. The simple reason is lack of exposure to the sunlight. Camping means spending more time outdoor, hence more exposure to the rays. And since sunlight is the major source of vitamin D, you get more of it which helps the body absorb more calcium and phosphorous. In turn, your body maintains healthy cells and stronger bones to keep you physically fit.

A sound night sleep

Sound night sleep helps you reduce weight. But, a good night’s sleep does not come naturally, especially in today’s stressful world. Nonetheless, going camping allows you to spend active time outdoors. As a result, you get a healthier and long night’s sleep. Also, enough daylight for the eyes helps regulate your inner clock to give you a regular rest routine. The majority of campers experience better sleep patterns after their trip.

Reduces physical stress

Headaches, muscle aches, eyestrains, and back pains due to sluggish blood circulation result from too much stress. But, do you know any outdoor activity like camping that can help curb the issue? As you engage in physical exercises, you become energetic, resulting in better blood circulation in your body.  This reduces physical stress as it helps the body to recuperate and restores lost energy.

Boost your immunity

Diseases and infections are some of the things that put us down physically. Though some cannot be avoided, you can only prepare your body to fight them.  You can achieve that by spending more time outdoors, for instance through camping. As you camp, you get the opportunity to bathe in the forests, thus, breathing in phytoncides. This is an airborne chemical produced by plants that have antifungal and antibacterial properties. When you inhale, it boosts white blood cells level that helps fight diseases and infections to help you keep fit.

Reduces SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

During winter, you might feel exhausted and anxious, which drains you physically. As such, you need to spend more time outdoors to get more natural lights. Camping grants you that opportunity which as a result exposes you to sunlight and other outdoor elements. Doctors have found out that weather elements make you feel better; hence, reducing the SAD symptoms.

Grants an opportunity for grounding oneself

Letting your feet touch the earth makes you feel good. The ground contains plenty of free electrons that, when it enters the body, helps it function well. They act as natural anti-oxidants as it neutralizes the positively charged free radicals that cause inflammation. Camping is the ideal time to give the shoes a break and walk barefoot through the wild. This way, you reconnect with nature while making your physical- and inner-self feel better.

Helps you exercise

Working Americans rarely find time to exercise due to commitment to family and work. But, taking a camping trip helps you have quality time with your family while exercising. The hikes and trails run come naturally when you are out in the wild. Besides, many outdoor enthusiasts agree that it feels easier and better to exercise while outside. This could be attributed to the verdant green surrounding that makes physical exercises enjoyable.

Take a break from asthma-inducing air pollution

About 30 million US residents suffer from breathing-related issues such as asthma that is majorly attributed to air pollution. Despite the Clean Air Act (1963) efforts, the air quality in urban and suburban do not match the fresh inhale in the wilderness. As you camp in the wilds, you are surrounded by natural jungle and trees that give quality air incomparable to purified one.

Improved moods

Ever felt you are not in the mood? Take time for sleepouts and witness how your frame of mind will be elevated. Regular campers attest to this, as they often feel happier after their trips. Exposure to sunlight reduces or eliminates the melatonin in our brains. This is a chemical that can induce depression feeling and makes us feel tired. Therefore, camping exposes you to the sun for better moods during and after the adventure.

Final Thought

Camping is not only a way to connect with nature but also for physical fitness. The fresh air and phytoncides you breathe, the exercise, the barefoot walks, and catching some rays improve your well-being. Besides, it grants you an opportunity to spend time with your family while relieving the stress of day-to-day life. Put camping on your holiday to-do list and enjoy the benefits that come with it!

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