Comparison of Five Vaccines to Heal the Covid-19

As you know, the whole world is battling with a brutal virus, Covid-19, and only vaccines are the support strength that are millions of lives and helping in eliminating Covid-19. Pharmaceutical manufacturers in Indiapracticed for a while to develop vaccines against Covid 19, and finally, the healthcare frontline workers achieve success in 2020 with the development of vaccines.

In this article, we will compare the five different vaccines that are readily available and accessible by the pharmaceutical manufacturer in India.

How These Five Vaccines Are Different and Successful From Each Other?

  1. Covieshield

It’s the highly used vaccine against Covid-19, and it was developed by Oxford-AstraZeneca and manufactured at Serum Institute of India. It’s a modified chimpanzee adenovirus vector with 92% of efficacy. Plus, its storage temperature is between 2-8 degrees Celsius, and it’s the reason for its popularity in India. It may have a few side effects in the form of headache, joint pain, and fever, but it’s not dangerous.

  1. Covaxin
    It’s an outstanding achievement of a pharmaceutical manufacturer in India as it’s an indigenous vaccine that effectively increases the production of antibodies in the host body. With the great effort of Bharat Biotech in association with ICMR and NIV, it successfully got in use. It has 82% of efficacy after the third phase trials. Unlike covishield, it is storable at 2-8 degrees celsius.
  2. Pfizer
    It’s the type of vaccine that has been approved for emergency use in several countries. It has a unique messenger RNA technology that has been used for this particular vaccine. When we talk about the efficacy, it’s at 95%. As far as storage goes and here’s really the challenge for India. It has to be stored at -70 degrees celsius, which is not possible and feasible in India which is the biggest challenge forpharmaceutical manufacturers in India.
  3. Moderna 

    Unlike Pfizer, Moderna has similar technology, which is messenger RNA technology. At this point, the efficacy of Moderna has been approved in the United States already is 94.5%, which’s a bit less than Pfizer. The storage temperature for Moderna is much lesser than Pfizer, which is 20 degrees celsius. People aged 18 and older are recommended to use this vaccine.

  4. Zyvox-D 

    Zydus Cadila develops this vaccine, and it’s the second indigenous vaccine of India that received approvals during the third phase of Covid 19. Its demand has been rising vastly in remote areas. Its manufacturing process is more accessible than other vaccines. Furthermore, it’s a Plasmid DNA type vaccine with 2-8 degree celsius storage temperature. Moreover, Plasmid DNA is found in host cells, and it has been used in making vaccines by activating the viral protein that robustly reacts with the immune system.

To Sum Up

The pharma industries of the whole world and pharmaceutical manufacturers in Indiaexperimented a lot, and finally, they achieved success in developing vaccines against Covid-19. However, different vaccines have different features as per their development and elements. Some may cause side effects for the short-term, but you can safely get vaccinated with the doctor’s consultation without any problems.




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