8 Amazing Gift Ideas for Any Wine Lover

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If you aren’t one yourself, then it is safe to say you will at least know one. Of course, we are talking about wine lovers – who can blame oenophiles when the world boasts such an eclectic selection to choose from. Red, rose, and white to sweet or dry – there’s a wine option for every individual out there. Vineyards all over the world, tasting menus designed to accompany specific wines, and gift options galore.

With that said, knowing the best wine gifts on offer, makes treating your loved ones more effective and less stressful for you. We are here to help narrow down our top nine wine gifts – so you can provide your wine-loving companions with the very best on offer without having to test them all yourself, winner!

Wine subscription

A wine subscription or a wine club membership are excellent gifts for any wine lover. They quite literally will receive a case of wine with different bottles each month. There are selections of wine cases available for subscriptions and memberships – do some research into the best quality and value for money and ensure that your gift will be well received.

Wine glasses

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What’s a case of wine without a beautiful glass to elegantly sip from? Wine lovers unite – help your loved ones drink their favourite vino from the perfect glass. After all, a glass lasts as long as you want it to, but once the bottles are empty, you can’t reuse them except perhaps for the DIY flower vase, etc. Wine glasses are an iconic gift for any wine lover.

The type of glass you should select depends on the variety of wine your special someone prefers. Fuller-bodied darker wines call for bigger glasses to allow breathing room for the wine to develop its flavours, whereas white wines need a smaller glass to stop them from warming up too quickly.

There are many lovely glassware brands to take your pick from. Some of the standouts are- Riedel, Schott-Zwiesel & Zalto. These range in price, style, and stem type. Learn the differences between each glass type, and you’ll be well on the way to finding the ideal gift.

Wine barrel-aged coffee

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So perhaps your wine-loving friend or loved one is cutting back on drinking, or you’d prefer to get them something a little less obvious – wine barrel-aged coffee is a real thing, and it’s a great, delicious gift opportunity!

If you’re not sure where to start, Cabernet Sauvignon aged beans offer a strong option – with tasting notes of candied pecan, dark chocolate plum, and red fruit.


Perhaps your wine gift recipient has their perfect glass set and knows their wines well but, you feel they lack in one area – corkscrews. A simple to use corkscrew is handy – anything too over-complicated, and you risk the cork snapping and becoming stuck in the bottle – nobody wants that!

Like with many things, there are many corkscrew brands, styles and options out there. We find a waiter-style corkscrew the easiest to use, but explore what’s available and purchase the one your loved one will prefer.

A wine guide

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Sometimes the thought of buying the perfect wines for a dinner party can be overwhelming. Maybe your gift recipient holds many drinking parties and often stresses over the types of wines they must have. In this case, why not buy them a wine guide? A wine guide can help make the complexities of wine and its different tasting notes easy to understand. That way, they can confidently pair wines with certain food dishes and their dinner parties will be exceptional!

There are many books on wine, wine guides and recipe books – to name just a few! There’s something for everyone, from longer reads to shorter styles and remember audiobooks are often available too!

Wine pairing chocolates

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Okay, this seems like a no-brainer gift – who doesn’t love wine and chocolate?! Pair them together, and there you have a fantastic gift for any wine lover and cocoa enthusiast!

Wine pairing chocolates come in a nifty box set with a guide to which chocolate should be eaten with each wine type – meaning you don’t even have to do much research before diving in and discovering a taste sensation.

Outdoor wine covers

Who doesn’t love sitting back in the garden on a late summer evening? With the hum of the quieting streets, the glow of the dwindling sun and a glass of cool white wine in hand.

If your recipient is a lover of winding down with a glass of wine in the garden, it is likely they have been a victim of a bug plunging to its death in the tasty liquid. Outside wine covers offer a way to protect the wine from bugs and falling shrubs so your loved ones can happily enjoy their wine outside!

Winemaking kit

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We all have a do it themselves kind of friend. The type you’ll find whizzing up their trendy styles, baking the cakes for the charity raffle, or distilling their sloe gin at Christmas! That type of wine-loving friend needs their very own winemaking kit.

You don’t have to be a wine expert to make your wine – you just need the right tools. Buy your friend a winemaking kit, and you can reap the rewards of their efforts – yum!

The bottom line

So, there you have our top eight wine gifts! You’ll find the perfect gift for your wine lover buddy, and rest assured they’ll be happy with what they receive!

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