7 Essential Accessories That Are Must Have to Nurture Your Dog

Dogs are more than pets; they grow to be your best friend and close companion. Today, people show as much affection to dogs as they do to people. If you have a dog, it is your responsibility to take care of them at all costs and ensure they are happy. You can do many things to nurture your dog, like providing food, shelter, training, and ensuring maximum comfort.

Here are some of the essential accessories you need to look after your dog in the best way possible.

1.   Puppy food

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Purchase highly nutritious dog food to keep it healthy and happy. Good dog nutrition is where you feed your dog the energy components and building blocks that allow him to grow and stay active throughout their life. Your dog’s nutrition is a crucial factor in maintaining an active lifestyle and ensuring they stay fit.

Food treats are the best way to nurture your pet and let them know you care. If the dog needs to lose weight, provide more nutritious options. However, avoid unbranded food without all the ingredients written on the packet. Ensure the food suffices to fulfill the dog’s needs.

2.   Dog bed

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Dogs need a comfy bed to keep them cool all night long. Unlike the floor, a bed keeps your pup warm, prevents calluses, and supports their arthritic joints. Get comfortable dog mats for your dog to sleep and relax during the day and at night. It is also a place of security, where your pet feels safe and comfortable.

3.   Chew toys

Most dogs love to play past their puppyhood as part of their wired DNA. However, even the most well-entertained dogs in the house may chew on something to satisfy their basic doggy instinct. Therefore, it’s essential to have a tool in the house to chew on and avoid destroying the house. You can get these toys from any pet store.

Consider getting the indestructible dog toys to satisfy their cravings. The best chew toys are durable and safe while helping your pup to develop. Apart from chew toys, you can purchase chase toys to cater for the extra energy. They can be accommodating in a dog’s development to ensure they stay fit.

4.   Collar and identity disk tag

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Part of nurturing your dog is to place an identity disk tag with information such as the dog’s name and owner’s phone number. Even trained dogs can become lost in heavy traffic. In addition, you need a collar to guide an untrained dog through obstacles. It protects pups from wandering off to unfamiliar sites and gives you more control. Place the collar around the dog’s neck for restraint, identification, fashion, or protection.

5.   Dog leash

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A leash is an essential training and safety accessory for your new puppy. It is commonly known as the pet’s lifeline, ensuring that the dog doesn’t run away or chase other animals and people. It’s courteous to put your dog on a leash whenever visiting a neighborhood. Training your dog is also an excellent way of nurturing him. Everyone would love to be around a trained dog. This is possible with the right leash type to facilitate training.

Taking your dog on a walk is crucial in keeping him fit. However, you need a leash to protect him from traffic and unrestrained animals. Consider the type of leash, its material, length, and width when purchasing for your dog.

6.   Food and water bowl

You need ceramic or stainless-steel bowls to prevent puppies from chewing on them. Stainless steel bowls are easy to clean, while ceramic won’t be moved around the floor during eating. Select the right size depending on your dog to ensure it reaches food quickly.

How you present food to the pet matters as some dogs may refuse to eat when presented in a different bowl. For example, an elevated bowl is perfect for larger dogs and those recovering from surgery as they won’t need to strain to reach the food. Your dog should not have restricted access to water. Place several drinking stations around the house to keep them hydrated.

7.   Grooming supplies

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Grooming your dog can keep him spotless while strengthening the bond. It also offers a chance to check for any potential health issues on their skin. You will need the right tools to groom your dog and keep them clean. The supplies include shampoo, conditioning spray, nail clippers, and bristle brush.

A matted coat can irritate and could cause pain. Ensure you regularly brush your pet’s skin to remove tangles and dead skin scales to stimulate oil production and maintain shiny skin. In addition, you need to groom your puppy regularly to ventilate its coat and help it grow strong. For example, brushing your dog ensures that the skin can breathe while taking away old and damaged hair.

The Bottom Line

If you have a dog in your house, you need to nurture them well. These accessories are the basics of taking care of a dog and make them happier. The relationship you build with your pet is an unbreakable bond that can last a lifetime. There is no way to love and protect your pet other than keeping it comfortable through food, bed, grooming, and training.

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