6 Simple Tips To Maintain HVAC System During Winters

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Staying comfortable inside the four walls of your house is a mandate during the winter times. Although you might rely on your favorite winter blanket to serve you warmth during the cold season, the truth goes beyond just the requirement of a blanket. Besides your essential winter gear, you’d also require setting up your room in the most comfortable way possible. That brings us to the discussion of HVAC maintenance.

Agree with it or deny it – the secret to comfort at home during the winters is to get equipped with a maintained HVAC system. Understandably, anyone living in the desert might not feel severe and rough weather conditions associated with winter months in colder countries. But if you live in a country experiencing a long winter season, things become frustrating for you if you don’t consider undergoing HVAC system maintenance. So, this post will help you learn about the six most straightforward tips on maintaining the system during inclement weather conditions.

Clean Registers and Vents and Check Fan Blades

Can you recall when you looked at the return vents and supply the last time? It is imperative because some homeowners block their vents with carpeting, décor, and furniture a majority of the time. And that’s quite a huge mistake. Some think that by closing the vents, they can save money. But the truth is blocking or closing the ceiling vents may be more expensive, especially during winters. With time they can collect debris and send those into your HVAC system and around your home eventually. Thus, it’s safer to check the registers and vents. What you can do is use a dusting cloth or vacuum to make the job more seamless.

Besides that, check the fan blades every two months to detect any damage. Make sure to inspect them both in stationery and motion. If there are any signs of wear and tear, consult an HVAC technician.

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Ensure that You Have A Programmable Thermostat

As the season is changing, revisit the thermostat only to program it accordingly. But first, ensure that you have a programmable thermostat. Only then can you program it according to your requirement. For example, program your system in the morning, around 30 minutes before the time you wake up. This way, by the time you get off your bed, you will experience everything warm.

You may also program the thermostat to shut down after leaving for work in the morning. Allow the thermostat to function 30 minutes before returning to the house after a tiring day at the office. To allow them to work correctly, you can read the owner’s manual or contact a service provider for professional assistance.

Consider Changing the Air Filters

Cleaning air filters after regular intervals is crucial as dirty filters put extra load on the HVAC unit.  Also, consider changing them every 2-3 months because a clean and new filter makes the system much more efficient and reduces energy consumption. The hardware stores offer you air filters. But before purchasing them, verify the kind you require from the manual. Do not forget to check whether these are suitable for your pets’ health or family members. If you suffer from respiratory issues or have long-haired pets, upgrade the filter to the high-efficiency particulate air or HEPA filter.

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Consider Making a Visual Inspection around Your Furnace

Regardless of where your house furnace is placed (whether in the garage, closet, or attic), it’s great to conduct the visual inspection beforehand. You can also do so periodically during the summer season. And in case the furnace is placed in the attic, or you can’t access it, don’t hesitate to consult a professional.

Also, remove things around the furnace. Remember that there should only be a minimum of three feet of clearance around the unit. Don’t drape anything over it or lay around. Given that furnaces need to get air, it may reduce the airflow when a lot of stuff is everywhere. As a result, it causes problems in its operation.

Don’t Keep Anything around the Condenser.

An excellent way to prepare the HVAC for the winter season is by checking the outdoor condenser. It is also imperative to clean away any dust particles or debris that might get collected around it. As the nights turn colder, it may lead to unnecessary critters that make it into your house. So, keeping anything around your condenser may result in persisting future problems.

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Checking the CO Detector, Noise and Odor

Every HVAC system emits carbon monoxide (CO). So, it is mandatory to check the CO detector and change its batteries every six months. Also, notice if there is any sound or odor when you are switching it on. If any issue is there, call an expert because only they know to deal with such problems. They can clean the entire system, improve the interior air quality and extend the system’s longevity.

The Bottom Line

HVAC is the all-year-round essential that helps you keep warm during winters and cool during summers. And, winter is a difficult time for families living in colder climates making annual maintenance of HVAC systems a prerequisite. With their constant uses, these systems might be under strain and break down eventually. If you want to prevent such a scenario, it’s imperative to perform routine HVAC maintenance. Thus, by following the tips mentioned above, you can maintain the HVAC system during the winter

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