5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Antibiotic Resistance

Doctors prescribed antibiotics for treating bacterial diseases. But when the infection changes in response to the application of antibiotics are antibiotics resistance. If bacteria start to resist antibiotics, then it will be hard to cure than the bacteria that are not antibiotic-resistant.

Antibiotic resistance can cause substantial medical expenses, long hospital-stay and also increase the rate of death. Therefore, antibiotic resistance awareness is necessary to prevent these things from occurring.

Why antibiotic resistance occurs?

Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria and infection can defeat the medicines that were made to destroy them. In this case, it will be challenging to cure a patient. But this can be prevented, and here are five ways to protect yourself from antibiotic resistance:

  • Select proper soaps:

It has been seen that triclosan in antibacterial soaps can cause antibiotic resistance. It is also not sure whether the antibacterial soaps are more capable of destroying germs than rubbing your hands for thirty seconds with regular soap and water. As a surface cleaner, you can choose alcohol and bleach. It will protect you from antibiotic resistance.

  • Use organic products:

Some illegal drugs are used in farm animals’ foods, which may cause antibiotic resistance in the human body. If you drink milk or have the meat of such farm animals fed with such harmful antibiotics, your body can become antibiotic-resistant. So, be careful while buying milk and meat to stay safe. Please buy organic products from your known local farms.

  • Don’t consume antibiotics unless there is no other way:

According to Louis Rice, the use of antibiotics could be decreased by 70% if people consume them when there is no other way than consuming them. He is an expert of resistant bugs and chief at Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center. According to Rice, some infections such as ear diseases and sinus problems can be cured without consuming antibiotics. Therefore, you can wait and monitor your condition. You may consult the doctor, but don’t consume the antibiotics unless your situation deteriorates.

  • Insist your doctor to prescribe short-term antibiotics course:

Sometimes doctor prescribed long-term antibiotics course that is not required always. According to Dr. Rice, a three-day or seven-day antibiotic course can help people more in healing than prolonged courses. Therefore, as a patient, you need to insist doctor prescribe a short-term antibiotic course. For instance, doctors have explored that a single antibiotic dose can heal 87% for treating urinary tract infection, and 94% can be treated with a three-day course.

  • Research more:

The general public needs to study more to know which can make the body antibiotic-resistant. Some antibiotics can also cause people antibiotic-resistant. To learn about them and their composition, people need to study and remain conscious. People should also look for alternative antibiotics to avoid being antibiotics resistant.


Antibiotic resistance is a critical problem, so people should try their best to avoid it. No treatment will be effective if antibiotics fail to work against infections. Antibiotics resistance awareness camps are also required for making people literate about the problem and why it can arise. Nothing can help to fight the problem more than awareness.



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