5 Tricks for Solving Daily Crossword Puzzles like A Pro

In this hustle-bustle of life, people barely play outdoor games like cricket, football, volleyball, etc. So, what will be the point of recreation after a day’s toil? The crossword puzzle has all the answers. Yes, you hear it right. You don’t need to have a dedicated time slot for playing crossword puzzles. All that you need is intelligence and perseverance to roll the ball.

However, being strategic and to the point, thinking will help you to zip through the crossword puzzle. In turn, your time will get its worth as you are now deriving the possible enjoyment. Now, do you have enough idea how to crack a crossword puzzle? Instead of beating in the bush, let’s clear your concept with the aid of some tips.

Refrain Yourself from Rushing

Crossword puzzles are intricate things that should not be done in a hurry. Instead, take a seat and relax your brain. It will help you focus on the subject directly. The more you start thinking, the more you will be able to unravel the knot. Slow down the pace and take it easy. Instead, think of the answers from every possible perspective. What could be more delightful than cracking the daily crossword puzzle?

We know it can be frustrating when you get stuck on the clue, but you can never finish it once you lose the composure. Move to another corner of the grid. After some time, come back to the troublesome clue.

Be an Ardent Reader

Reading is the best habit to increase knowledge. Every lesson you learn is another kernel of wisdom, which will help you understand every single twist in the puzzle. Read more books, newspapers, magazines, periodicals to see how the world works.

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The outcome is tastier than a delicious meal; you can deal with the most horrifying daily crossword puzzle.

Go for the Most Accessible Clues

Fill-in-the-blank clues are the easiest clue for decoding the answers. Once you get the crossword puzzle, locate the clues and figure out the same. Eventually, one or two clues will get the ball rolling.


You can start with the daily newspaper followed by exploring the magazine and periodicals’ crosswords. Make sure you are trying your best by letting no stone unturned.

Fragment Your Work

According to experts, enthusiastic and energetic minds are the best fit for solving puzzles. Besides, having specific knowledge in various fields will help to interact with the crossword puzzles. If you are a beginner, try keeping a notebook and a pen with you. Write down all the possible answers. After that, zigzag with all the answers to get the suitable one.

However, it would be best if you approached each of the clues with an open mind. Here is an example. When you hear the word Entrance, words like DOOR, GATEWAY, OPENING may already have come into your mind. Although, they are not applicable all the time according to the circumstances.

Experiment With the Words

If you think that you know the answer but have some confusion, don’t be afraid to mark those letters. Once you find another clue is correct, it will lead you to the other clues. Bear in mind, the more you experiment, the more it will help you to cultivate the answer. Here, vocabulary plays an instrumental role in giving you enough exposure to play with the words. Giving up in the middle of the road is not the real solution. Instead, come up with more word stock to gleam up the crossword puzzle solving journey.

Some more tips

Are you still toggling in between a myriad of thoughts? All right, we will help you with the matter. We have curated some extra valuable tricks for you. Here we go-


Knowing the synonym of different words will help you to gauge the clue. In turn, you can find the answer quickly. A simple example is here- the term “contract.”  You may perceive the meaning like “reduce in size.” However, the honest answer will be like “catch or acquire.” For this reason, you should know the heap of words.

On the other hand, think of Roman numerals for the numbers. For example, if you see the number “five,” the answer could have “V” in it. Besides, some non-specific numbers like “many” or the “large number” is the hint to the Roman numerals like “C,” D” or M.”


Seek for the helper phrases that will suggest you use the method.  Look for the specific keywords. Read the letters of any nearby words backward.


It is an easy technique. You must guess the word that sounds like the final answer. For example, if the puzzle setter clue to “sail,”: then you should find the homophone “sale.” Besides, take a look at the helper phrases.


Are you now feeling somehow that the ways are pretty easy? Indeed, it is. Critical thinking is the main ingredient here to cook the whole dish of crossword puzzles. Collect information and stir up the same with an indomitable will to solve the puzzles. Memorize what you see and recall it when it’s needed. In turn, you are doing yourself a favor. What are you waiting for? Try to solve puzzles in the coffee break or start competing against others. Happy puzzling.



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