5 Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing Home Appliances

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Buying home appliances is no doubt exciting. It brings you functional benefits and also enhances the home’s aesthetics. However, a lot of effort and time goes into checking the appliance details and after-service. Apart from investing in product features and technology, you also have to think of product durability, space utilization, brand reputation, and ROI.

Since home appliances are expensive, it’s wise to think about other factors like energy efficiency, star label, low-interest loans, cashback, or discount on used consumer appliances at the time of purchase. Considering a home appliance is not an accessible commodity to pick up and carry, it needs prior homework before booking. Here are five factors to keep in mind before purchasing a new home appliance.

1.  Research Your Appliance Brands.

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An average consumer has several home appliance brand options to explore. However, each appliance may come with advanced features in cooling for refrigerators and air conditioners, food heating in microwaves, etc., to suit independent needs. While doing appliance research, check your preferred brand’s online reviews and customer satisfaction levels. Look for relevant websites for customer feedback on the appliance’s performance and durability.

Talk to your family and friends about consumer appliances’ recommendations. Websites showing appliance ranking may put up biased opinions, particularly for brands that have spent many dollars advertising. Get accurate brand testing and rankings from impartial sites like Consumer Reports for truth, transparency, and fairness. Check out Beko Factory Seconds for healthier and better choices in appliances.

2.  Look Into Appliance Features And Quality Standards.

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When buying a home appliance, quality is the primary focus, apart from pricing. Read the product details thoroughly corresponding to the features you are looking for. Do prior Google research of the appliance components and additional features to be sure of your buying.

Many kitchen appliances come in professional-grade stainless steel for added durability and modern taste. Weigh the pros and cons of stainless steel and the latest alternate material before buying an appliance. Carefully read the product specifications and usage tips to avoid a discomforting product experience. Convince yourself of the appliance use and benefit before finalizing the purchase. In getting the best deal, try to rationalize the appliance(s) value to your home. Invest money in a top-class multifunctional appliance that will give a problem-free performance for years rather than saving a few pennies in a cheap deal.

3.  Pay Attention To Product Warranty.

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Most kitchen appliances are of daily use. With time, rough handling, or excessive use, appliances’ wear and tear can happen. If left unattended, minor technical faults and parts’ replacement can crop up, spoiling the product experience and the money you spent. Before buying an appliance in-store or e-commerce channel, get your answers to the following concerns:

  • What is the warranty period of the appliance you wish to buy?
  • In case of electronic appliance damage (kitchen or bathroom), what it covers under the warranty period?
  • What is the warranty period extension? How does it compare to product and after-service warranties of other appliances?
  • What are the incurred costs under the warranty scheme?

4.  Think Of Your Lifestyle Needs Before Planning A Home Appliance.

Appliance size, brand performance and appreciation, and product features can automatically increase the pricing. It may not be possible for every home to have all the appliances. The apartment size and ownership can also influence the appliance purchase.

Find out the exact need before buying a new appliance for your home or living unit. Your family size may influence your purchase of a double-door vs. single-door refrigerator. If you are a single occupant, the appliance requirement may be small and focused as against a joint family. Consider a washing machine with a water-saving feature in multiple inhabitants or do with a small oven if you live alone. Variety is the spice of life. Be watchful of your pocket before investing in a functional or aesthetic appliance.

5.  Prepare For Unexpected Costs.

You may be a savvy consumer looking into the cost comparison and value of a home appliance, but never forget the hidden costs in a store like common repairs or energy consumption going up seasonally. Though Energy Star-rated appliances save you money on your energy bill, energy consumption varies with additional in-built features and could consume more energy overall.

Update your knowledge of the Energy Star rating of appliances and the cost comparison brand-to-brand before making the last purchase. Ask the appliance store sales professionals for energy-saving tips.

Final Thoughts

Take your home space measurements for the right appliance fitment to happen. Also, clean your appliances regularly with a mild detergent to maintain their shine. Get your appliances serviced after every quarter to get trouble-free performance and maximum efficiency. Keep room for additional costs like consignment shipping, handling, taxation, and installation charges. Ask the showroom for an estimated waiting time for your purchased appliance to reach home. When making an online purchase, get your documentation for your appliance’s routine servicing.

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