5 Major Reasons For Your Business To Use IGTV


Instagram introduced IGTV in late 2018, and it is a long-term video content network. Though it gets on both standalone apps as well as on Instagram, it is called a “next generation’s TV.” 

Almost two years passed, and IGTV did not set any big waves, which doesn’t mean it didn’t create any splash.

If you are a business owner or marketer accepting that it is worth it to install IGTV now, it depends. You should consider the following points if:

  • You are interested in influencer marketing.
  • You need to get a millennial audience and Gen Z.
  • You obtain vast engagements through your story contents.
  • You are a B2C brand.

If you have confirmed that IGTV perfectly fits you and your brand or business, then here are the five primary reasons for your business to utilize the long-term video content network in 2021 and beyond.

No Necessity Of Money And Equipment

The fewer requirements are the best advantage to come up with IGTV for every business. All you need for IGTV is just a mobile phone with a perfect camera. 

Researching the audience and concluding engaging content takes more time. Thus everyone thinks it is a complicated thing. But nothing like that; it is a simple process to show up your content effectively.

Even the video content via smartphones with great camera options brings your IGTV video content more attractive and unique. You could record the content relevant to your industry in your innovative way to bag more Instagram TV likes with a massive extent of your IGTV content. Unlike YouTube, for filming IGTV content, it doesn’t need any high-quality cameras or any high-budget investment to make IGTV content more attractive.

Mobile Is The Video’s Future

According to the report, video contents will occupy 85% of online traffic by 2022. And every year, the count increases.

There is no doubt that the mobile is the future. Thus every business or brand should take mobile phones as their first approach rather than consider them a second choice.

IGTV brings a perfect way for every business to test mobile video content strategies and make smartphone-friendly video content. While IGTV videos support horizontal video content, it tends to be a vertical video content space similar to TikTok or Snapchat. Another thing is probably the next video-sharing app might use vertical-based video content, so it is best to practice now.

Enlarge Your Reach

You do not need to make fresh content for IGTV videos to get the benefit. You could re-publish video content from your brand’s Facebook or YouTube page to Instagram TV(IGTV) to increase viewership.

If you create any original video content for IGTV, it could be cross-promoted on whatever marketing network you use, email newsletter, or Twitter.

In an IGTV update, you could share one minute preview of your IGTV video contents on your profile feed. Viewers can click the “Keep Watching” option from there to get the full video content, bringing you to reach a massive audience.

Engaged IGTV Viewers

The audience scrolls Facebook video content and plays video content on YouTube in the background every time, but the audience of IGTV is the most engaged one.

But in the research, it is concluded that only some users on Instagram have installed the separate IGTV application, but that less audience is highly motivated and hungry to acquire the IGTV video contents.

Even though YouTube video contents receive more views, you would have more shares, comments, and likes on Instagram.

Promote Your Business To Millennials And Gen Z

The millennials spend more time on the platform, and the estimation is around $2 trillion in 2022. 

Generation Z is teenagers without any income. The upcoming generation expects to spend $140 billion in 2022.

How will you handle these generations? Most of the users on Instagram are under the age of 35, so you could consider IGTV’s audience with a similar demographic. 

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