5 Best Ways To Smoothen Your Hair

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It is natural to envy women for their fashion and beauty goals. Television commercials showing gorgeous ladies and their grooming products add to the uneasiness. For example, dull hair is a common problem in most women. Work stress, lifestyle habits make it difficult to achieve silky and smooth hair. Excessive hair coloring and non-oiling interfere with the hair’s natural silk protein.

Running after hair care products and online purchase is short-term happiness. You need to invest in natural hair therapies and treatments to get silky strands. Here are some essential remedies to keep your locks feel naturally soft without destroying their pH.

1.  Pamper Your Hair With Hot Oil Treatment.

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Just like your body, your hair and scalp need the proper nutrition too. Apply warm coconut or mustard oil to your tresses and preferably leave it overnight for ample hair nutrition. Hot oil treatments strengthen and protect your hair because of their moisturizing consistency. If you want to use less fatty oil, almond and jojoba oil are wonderful choices for fast absorption.

2.  Use A Suitable Shampoo For Specific Hair Types.

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Dry and oily hair needs individual hair treatments. Know your hair type while making a purchase. Also, shampoo your hair after a day of hair oiling to get maximum hair oil benefits. After hair shampooing, you may apply Camille rose honey leave-in hair conditioner on damp hair for moisturization.

3.  Switch To Silk Pillows.

Sleeping on cotton pillows is a regular habit. Since they absorb oils from your hair, they can make your hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. A silk pillow lets your hair slide on your pillow effortlessly, with no stress. Silk gives a luxurious feel to your hair, making it light, comfortable, and breathable to sleep on.      

4.  Use Heating Tools In a Restricted Manner.

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Hair straighteners, blow dryers and curling iron is good for occasional hairstyling but not as a regular feature. They can make your hair coarse and frizzy and damage your hair. The heat from hair tools can make your hair brittle and weak, causing hair to fall. Apply a heat-protective serum to guard your hair against unfavorable airflow and frizz. Use a low heat setting to avoid damage to your hair.

5.  Apply A Hair Mask To Tame Dry And Frizzy Hair.

Hair conditioners are your go-to, but hair masks deep conditions and moisturizes your hair, improving your hair and scalp quality. Try egg and mayonnaise hair mask for dry hair and green tea mask to counter hair loss. However, there is nothing like a banana mask to improve your hair shine. Keep one day of the week for your hair masking.


Consider hair care products containing natural ingredients for maximum strength and shine. Refrain from changing your hair oil and shampoo, as it can have damaging effects. Never forget to apply a hair conditioner after your shampoo and keep it in your hair for a few minutes to plump up your hair’s softness. But don’t let your hair conditioner come in contact with your scalp, for it is harmful.

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